Cookies Management Policy

We inform you that the Company's website uses small text files (cookies) for reasons of usability, performance, improved website functionality and advertising), which, when you visit our website, are sent and stored on the computer or on any mobile electronic your device. They have the ability to "memorize" your personal choices and preferences (eg language, font size, other display preferences, etc.), making it easier for you to navigate our website. The information stored with the use of cookies concerns the services of our Company and is used exclusively in relation to them and serves to optimize your connection and the operation of the website. They are not accessible to any third party. You will see a warning box (banner) which will ask for your consent to the use of cookies.

Types of cookies in use
2.1 Cookies for anonymous traffic analysis
The cookies of anonymous traffic analysis, store information regarding the traffic of the website, the usual duration of navigation on it, how the visitors got there and what choices they make during their navigation.
The information gathered through this process helps us to analyze the profile of our visitors, to check if our website meets their needs and to make any improvements.
Anonymous traffic analysis cookies do not collect or store your personal information, such as your name or address, and therefore cannot personally identify you.
2.2. Cookies used to complete electronic questionnaires - forms of interest
In order to improve the capabilities provided by our website, we often ask its visitors to express their opinion or interest by filling out an online questionnaire or a contact form
2.3. Third party cookies
Most of the Company's ads that appear on other websites are placed there by third parties. The information collected through the cookies of anonymous analysis for these ads, is not transmitted or processed by the Company.

How to manage cookies
If you wish cookies are not stored on your computer or any of your portable electronic devices, you retain the ability to delete the stored cookies by adjusting the privacy and security settings of the browser and navigation you use. Deleting cookies may affect the usability of the website as the recorded information will be deleted and some features may be disabled.
For the best possible navigation on our website, we recommend that you do not block the storage of cookies.
In the event that you choose to modify the settings of your computer or your mobile device in such a way that it rejects the cookies sent from our website, we declare that we do not bear any responsibility for any reduced functionality thereof.

Cookies are used by the company for Google Analytics traffic features. The company has enabled the following advertising features in Google Analytics, which provides anonymous traffic statistics:
- Remarketing with Google Analytics
- Display reports on the Google Display Network
- Reports on aggregate anonymous demographics and interests, such as age and gender in order to better understand who our visitors are.
- Built-in services that require Google Analytics to collect data through ad cookies and anonymous IDs

These features allow Google Analytics to collect data about your traffic through Google ad cookies (https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/types/) and anonymous IDs (https: // www. google.com/policies/privacy/key-terms/#toc-terms-identifier), in addition to the data collected through the basic Google Analytics application.

Under no circumstances do we allow your personal identification.
If you wish, you can opt out of Google Analytics advertising features. See the available Google Analytics ad opt-out options available for your browser here https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/.

The Company may modify or revise this Cookie Management Policy, when deemed necessary, with a corresponding obligation to record the date of last modification in a prominent place, so that you are aware. Please check this regularly

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